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Slack - Intelligent Productivity Platform for Salesforce
Empower your teams to speed up processes and deliver big results with easy automation, trusted AI, and transparent teamwork. Productivity is what Slack is built for.
The future of intelligent productivity
Automate anything from anywhere easily. With Slack. teams will work smarter and faster - from the simple to the complex. Embrace new ways of working - beyond standard chat and video, with Slack as your intelligent productivity platform.
Accelerate work with AI and automation
Make everyday tasks automatic without writing a single line of code, by utilizing drag-and-drop simplicity of Workflow Builder. Adapt workflow and automation into Slack from 2600+ enterprise apps. Surface relevant insights with Slack AI in channels and threads, all on Slack’s trusted platform.
Share and search data/knowledge
Start conversations with the right people in Slack channels organized around topics. Build a useful collection of all your conversations and data that’s accessible with AI-powered search to find what you need instantly. Expand into new ways to organize and share information directly in Slack.
Collaborate and engage with everyone, anywhere
Reach out and collaborate with anyone spontaneously with Huddles - by voice, video, screen share, drawing and markup. Keep your team updated by recording short async video updates with Clips. Moreover, Slack Connect empowers you to engage with your customers and external partners securely to move projects forward faster.
Build the future of work with Slack Platform
Deploy custom solutions at ease with Slack's AI-ready platform. Experiment with generative AI tools in a trusted environment, with enterprise security built in. For more flexibility, Slack API enables developers to write custom apps and workflows with modular, reusable elements and host them on Slack’s infrastructure.
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We continuously improve our customers' business in line with Salesforce, technology and the economy. We are trusted partners to our customers, developing new business accelerators at no extra cost.
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Our team comprises certified Salesforce professionals with in-depth knowledge of the platform's capabilities.
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