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Sales Cloud
Scale easily with automated sales processes and workflows, all built on the #1 trusted AI CRM for sales with AFR Solutions — Salesforce's official Asia partne
Maximize sales with Sales Cloud
Optimize rep productivity, unlock valuable insights across the sales cycle, automate processes and workflows on one platform to accelerate growth.
Develop relationships with one single source of truth
Automatically collect emails, events, and other sorts of interaction activities in CRM. Manage all activity data linked with relevant leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in one place, resulting in a single source of truth. Gain visibility into large-scale selling operations with out-of-the-box reporting, and easily focus on what matters most.
Connect with consumers and track deals via all channels. Utilize AI to prioritize the best leads based on the customer profiles that provide the most income. Increase rep efficiency by creating actionable, prioritized to-do lists straight in Salesforce.
Get transactions done faster by coaching sellers through the sales process. Gain deal-specific insights and simply integrate opportunity and account data for a single client profile, whether in CRM or on the go.
Gain visibility to remain on track and surpass objectives
Create accurate estimates in real time to achieve consistent development. Customize KPIs to suit with corporate objectives. A common understanding of top deals and predicted trends will help drive responsibility and keep everyone on target.
Maintain and manage pipeline in a single, unified view. Track changes over time with built-in charts. Focus on the most important deals with the help of AI and use deal insights to provide proactive coaching.
Turn data into action with a suite of out-of-the-box reporting tools. Visualize metrics easily with dashboards and dive down instantly into the key drivers of sales performance. Track lead volume, activity conversion rates, and sales pipeline with ease. Personalize reports and dashboards so every member of the sales team has the information they need to sell more quickly.
Increase productivity with automated sales processes
Increase seller efficiency by automating complicated sales processes and workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity. Manage territory assignments to ensure optimal account coverage and alignment with sales objectives.
Close deals faster with standard and templated quotes synced to sales opportunities. Speed up the contract approval process with automated workflows directly within Salesforce.
Access and update CRM from anywhere with the browser extension and mobile app. Collaborate across teams to swiftly respond to sales opportunities. Create joint account plans and exchange knowledge, files, and data to keep teams and customers updated at all stages.
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"With Sales Cloud, Mastering Data Analytics is now able to scale up easily in a short amount of time as our sales team enhances their sales processes on one single platform. Our team can now work together in real-time from anywhere with one single data across all departments for better management and higher chance to win the deal."
"As AFR offers their solutions, Cask Academy has been able to make swift decision-making while giving our workforce the ability to communicate and work on one single integrated platform. We believe this is a step forward for Cask ourselves to achieve bigger success."
"Driving sales is now easier thanks to our partner AFR and their Salesforce products. We can enrich our customer networks, expand business and progress further as we deliver our e-gift innovations to more people."
"Collaborating with AFR has allowed us to unlock new sales opportunities with their products, powered by Salesforce. In addition, AFR's solutions enabled us to work and manage at the same time diligently on one single system, thus helping KPS deliver a better customer support as well as improving sales management."
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We continuously improve our customers' business in line with Salesforce, technology and the economy. We are trusted partners to our customers, developing new business accelerators at no extra cost.
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