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B2B Marketing Automation
Grow revenue, scale customer engagement and unite customer data on one platform with B2B marketing automation software - built directly into your CRM.
Gain efficiency and align your team
Connect and engage with your customers - easier and faster, with one single B2B marketing automation platform.
Provide integrated customer journeys and engage buyers across accounts
Use drag-and-drop builders to create landing pages and forms faster. Segment leads when captured and send them on personalized, automated, cross-channel journeys. Nurture those leads using AI-powered lead scoring, and grading for marketing qualification.
Engage prospects across all channels. Integrate third-party webinar, survey, and SMS tools straight into your marketing campaigns. Start webinar and event registrations, deliver surveys, and send SMS messages in automated journeys. Engagement data such as third-party webinar, survey, SMS data... can be connected to facilitate segmentation and campaign maintenance.
Identify and engage your best accounts. Target and nurture key prospects with the help of sales and service, by aligning on one platform. Reach the accounts with the highest likelihood to purchase using key account insights from Einstein. Track pipeline progress on target accounts using the Account-Based Marketing Dashboard, and utilize insights to refine your marketing and sales efforts.
Align sales team on trusted data and win deals faster with AI
Take the guesswork out of lead and account scoring. With Einstein, you can leverage behavior to score and identify the leads most likely to convert, based on their interactions with your marketing efforts. Determine if leads match your ideal profile based on those who converted in the past. Let Einstein analyze key account data to help you find the accounts most likely to buy.
Earn detailed insights into your prospects. Connect and share prospect and customer engagement data with sales and service teams. Analyze prospects' interactions, and use it to idenfity champions on the buying committee with your marketing. Figure out how leads engage with your marketing - from campaign, individual, to account level using dynamic dashboards.
Share insights around any prospect's key marketing interactions with sales and service teams. Alert sales teams the moment a hot lead fills out a form, or when the lead is ready to convert. Inform sales and service teams when a prospect is highly engaged with automated, triggered alerts in Sales and Service Cloud, or directly in Slack.
Boost marketing performance and strengthen customer relationships
Get full-funnel marketing and sales insights with AI-powered Multi-Touch Attribution. Choose from multiple native attribution models like Einstein Attribution to gauge the impact of channels, events, and sales team activities on your pipeline. Boost campaign efficacy and ROI with AI-driven insights.
AI-powered Multi-Touch Attribution provides full-funnel marketing and sales information. Choose from a variety of native attribution models, including Einstein Attribution, to assess the influence of channels, events, and sales team activities on your funnel. Share what you discover with sales to further plan account-based outreach.
Connect directly to Sales Cloud to understand how marketing impacts pipeline and revenue. Discover the way marketing messages influence the prospect journey with A/B testing and out-of-the-box email reporting. Apply predictive analytics to those insights to make more strategic decisions and identify the campaign factors that drive conversion.
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"With Sales Cloud, Mastering Data Analytics is now able to scale up easily in a short amount of time as our sales team enhances their sales processes on one single platform. Our team can now work together in real-time from anywhere with one single data across all departments for better management and higher chance to win the deal."
"As AFR offers their solutions, Cask Academy has been able to make swift decision-making while giving our workforce the ability to communicate and work on one single integrated platform. We believe this is a step forward for Cask ourselves to achieve bigger success."
"Driving sales is now easier thanks to our partner AFR and their Salesforce products. We can enrich our customer networks, expand business and progress further as we deliver our e-gift innovations to more people."
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